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Augsburg, 20/21 March 2024

(Almost) everything about Coiltech and its team

Every year, our team has an estimated 10,000 conversations with visitors, exhibitors and those who want to or could become such. In the course of this, we are asked many questions. We have compiled the most frequent and interesting ones here. Are you missing a question that you would like to ask us or do you want more information on a question? Then contact us at

What is Coiltech

Coiltech is an international exhibition and conference that brings together the suppliers of components, material, methods and technology with the producers of electric motors, generators and transformers. The event includes the World Magnetic Conference, which consists of seminars and workshops to help keep attendees up-to-date with the latest technical developments in the field.

Why did the organisers choose Pordenone and Augsburg as the venue?

Both venues are centrally and conveniently located for the industry and are very easy to reach by all means of transport (own car, train, plane). The trade fair centres have modern halls and distinguish themselves through lean structures that facilitate putting the needs of the participants at the centre of action

What is the frequency of Coiltech? And for how long has it taken place?

Both versions of the exhibition take place annually. In Germany (Augsburg) at the beginning of spring, shortly before Easter, in Italy (Pordenone) in September, i.e. at the transition between summer and autumn.

The launch in Italy was in 2010, in Pordenone. Germany followed in 2022 ( in Ulm), after two corona-related rescheduling. The planning for the German edition commenced as early as 2018, encouraged by numerous exhibitors to bring the customer-friendly format of the exhibition to Germany as well.

Who are the founders and organisers of Coiltech?

The founder is Sebastian Küster. After about 20 years of experience in communication agencies and the exhibition industry, he started his own business in 2009.

The idea: realise exhibitions that drastically reduce the expenditure for exhibitors (direct and hidden costs) compared to conventional fairs - while at the same time providing a better service for all participants.

The founding team also includes Lucia La Greca, Matteo Vezzini and Stefania Pasquale, all of whom Sebastian recruited straight out of college, and Natalina Palmieri, who has been keeping the books almost since the beginning.

How did the founders come up with the idea of staging an event in this field?

Italy is home to many world leaders in their respective fields, both on the supply side (materials, components, technology) and on the demand side (manufacturers of electric motors, generators, transformers).

In 2009, there was no related exhibition in Italy. The decisive point, however, was that word had got around that the then leading event (in the meantime, Coiltech has taken over this role), due to its position as a quasi-monopolist, had made and implemented a series of decisions that had annoyed many customers. This is where the Coiltech management saw its opportunity.

By the way, two much larger organisers also tried to establish a trade fair on the subject at that time, namely the Milan and Hanover trade fairs. Both soon had to discontinue their initiatives due to lack of success. We are convinced that this has a simple explanation: The underlying offer was to spend the money with them after all, rather than with the competitor, and at the same time Coiltech introduced a truly distinguishable different offer.

What distinguishes Coiltech from trade fairs with a similar focus?

The format of the event systematically aims to keep exhibitor costs to the minimum necessary while providing a better visitor experience.

Therefore, the cost/benefit ratio of participation at Coiltech is better than at similar subject-related events, and the attendees feel more welcome.

In addition, the technical conference (World Magnetic Conference) integrated into the exhibition is under the expert guidance of world-renowned university professors. The only criterion for admission to a presentation is professional validity, and no fees are charged for the presentation slot or for participation.

How many companies exhibit at Coiltech?

At the beginning of 2023, a total of 468 companies had booked a stand for at least one of the two editions of Coiltech.

If one also takes into account the companies represented by others (e.g. by their importers or agents in the respective country), the number is over 570.

32% of all booking companies exhibit in Germany and Italy, 37% only in Germany and 31% only in Italy. You will always find the current booking status for the two editions at the following links, updated in realtime:
Coiltech Deutschland 2024 - preliminary

From how many countries the visitors participate in Coiltech?

The number grows from year to year.

At the last edition of Coiltech Italia in September 2022, there were 3543 visitors. Of these, 37% were from outside Italy. At the second edition of Coiltech Deutschland in March 2023, there were 2790 visitors in total, and of these 1/3 were from outside Germany.

When comparing these figures with those of other fairs, please pay attention to the following: Do the figures only include visitors (as in the above figures for Coiltech) or also stand personnel? Are the attendance figures differentiated between visits (multiple counting of people present for several days) and visitors (each person is counted only once), as is the case in the Coiltech statistics?
More detailed information on or information about the Visitor profile 

How international is Coiltech?

There are only a few exhibitions in both Germany and Italy that attract such a large audience, both in terms of visitors and exhibitors.

For example, 37% of visitors to Coiltech Italia 2022 were from outside Italy, and 40% of Coiltech Deutschland 2023's attendees were from outside Germany. 

Exhibitors: In Italy about 40% are international, and in Germany even almost 60%.

What else does the team do all year round besides Coiltech?

After the event is before the event, at the moment, we are concentrating almost exclusively on Coiltech.

The first preparations for an edition actually have to be started at least one and a half years before the exhibition date. Many matters have to be clarified and organised months in advance.

In the early years, we organised two more trade fairs with other themes but gave them up to concentrate fully on Coiltech because we had the most important success with it. However, we have a few ideas in which industries we could implement the concept and will inform you about them when it comes.

How many people are involved in the implementation of Coiltech?

The core team consists of 15 permanent employees. The main areas of work are contacts with exhibitors and those who could become such, with visitors, the management of general technical and organisational issues, communication and administration.

We seek support from specialised partners, mainly for the preparation of the conference, IT, booth construction, the technically responsible persons on the respective exhibition site, catering and security service providers.

Shortly before, during and shortly after the events, around 150 people are then busy implementing everything so that everyone attending feels comfortable and can concentrate on what they come to a exhibition and conference for: Establishing and cultivating contacts.

Where is the Coiltech organisation team working from?

The QUiCKFairs office is located in a rather plain building on the outskirts of Milan. From there we prepare all the organisational issues of the exhibitions. As is often the practice in Italy, the company's registered office is with the tax consultant, who has his office in the centre of Milan. Our work means that we are often on site at the fairgrounds and with important partners such as the stand builder.

What effect did Corona have on Coiltech?

Coiltech is stronger and more attractive after the pandemic than before, and this despite the fact that we had to postpone the start of Coiltech Deutschland twice.

On the one hand, this is because we were able to hold Coiltech in Italy even in 2020 and, therefore, one of the very few trade fairs in Europe that was able to do so. On the other hand, during the pandemic we took a number of initiatives to continue to be a reference for the coil winding community. For example, in 2020 we relaunched the Coil Winding Dictionary and in 2021 we produced a total of 14 Electric Motors Talks und 2 High Voltage Talks, with a participation of 853 professionals from 83 nations.

Finally, we attribute this to the fact that the cost of attending Coiltech is structurally lower than other shows. We are pleased that Coiltech Italia in 2022 was the only industry-related event to have the same number of exhibitors as in the last year before Corona, while all the other fairs suffered significant losses.