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Augsburg, 20/21 March 2024

Why we chose Augsburg as the new venue for Coiltech Deutschland.

Milan, 15 December 2022
We have decided to change the venue of Coiltech Deutschland from Ulm to Augsburg. Here we provide information on the background to the decision and the timing, as well as the reasons that tipped the scales in favour of this trade fair location. 

Why we take this decision now

Coiltech Deutschland is growing. Currently, 302 stands are booked (+19.8% compared to 2022; you can find the exhibitors list here). This development is all the more remarkable as this growth is taking place in a context in which other exhibitions and conferences for the manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers are experiencing a sharp decline in the number of exhibitors.

The halls we have rented in Ulm for 2023 are therefore already sold out.

However, this is not the reason why we are making this decision now. The trigger is rather the following:

The municipality of Ulm, the owner of the fairgrounds, is using part of the halls to accommodate refugees from Ukraine. The city administration intends to use the halls for fair purposes from February onwards, and, therefore, to provide alternative accommodation by the end of January. In doing so, however, it is encountering difficulties.

One plausible scenario is, therefore, that the local political decision-makers could soon see themselves forced to use the halls for the accommodation of refugees beyond January.
Against this background, we have asked the operating company of the exhibition centre to declare that it will indeed make all rented halls available to us during the agreed period - unfortunately, without receiving the binding and irrevocable answer we were looking for.

In the past months, in view of the further growth prospects for Coiltech Deutschland in the following years, we had naturally posed ourselves the question of how we could deal with the fact that only one more hall is available in Ulm and, therefore, also looked into the alternative of other trade fair locations.

Among the candidates, it emerged that the Augsburg trade fair (compared to Munich and Stuttgart) offered the best opportunities to maintain and further develop Coiltech's distinguished format.   When, at the end of November, the described risks in Ulm became apparent, we decided to push forward the decision regarding the future venue of Coiltech. Waiting would have meant accepting that the exhibitors' detailed planning of their stands could become a waste of time - because of a possible decision on which we have no influence.

Why we choose Augsburg as the new location

How well an exhibition centre is a suitable fit for the implementation of a specific event depends on a number of criteria. Augsburg convinced us of the further development of Coiltech for the following reasons:

Accessibility for German-speaking visitors. We only address trade visitors. In Germany, the industry tends to be concentrated in the south. There are also many well-known companies in Austria and Switzerland. Augsburg is on the way from Munich to Stuttgart, but against the respective direction of the rush hour. You also tend to reach the city without traffic jams from the north and south. Augsburg is also part of the ICE rail network.

Link to Munich's intercontinental airport: Germany's second-largest airport enables visitors from 48 non-European and 127 European locations to travel non-stop to Coiltech. On the occasion of the exhibition, we will set up a shuttle service that will take visitors and exhibitors directly from the airport to the exhibition and back in less than an hour.

The venue is geared to the wishes of Coiltech participants instead of expecting the opposite: The Coiltech exhibition and conference distinguish themselves from its competitors because it puts the satisfaction of the participants in the foreground. To achieve this, the organiser needs to influence the selection of service providers on-site and be able to work with them directly and in cooperation with them. This prerequisite is only given in Augsburg.

Good practice with other globally leading industry exhibitions: Since 1991, Augsburg has been the venue of Interlift, the utmost successful reference show in its field, attracting regularly more than 10,000 visitors from all continents. Therefore, Coiltech will not be the first international flagship exhibition and conference to be held here.

How you can turn this decision to your advantage

In Ulm, the available spaces were sold out. The fairgrounds in Augsburg are much more spacious, therefore, companies that have not yet booked a stand can now do so again.

Here are the reasons why the newly bookable stands promise good footfall:

Points of attraction in all halls. To ensure a continuous flow of visitors at all locations of the exhibition, we set up conference rooms, catering stations and networking areas in each hall.

Balanced composition of stand sizes. To generate a harmonious mix of companies of different sizes in all halls and in all areas of each hall, we locate booths of all dimensions all over the floor.

Spatial separation between competitors. We have positioned the stands of the already signed up exhibitors with a comparable range of products and services in a way that they are not positioned in the immediate vicinity of each other.

In the online floor plan, you can find the following information:
- names of the companies that have already booked their booths
- available stands
- their properties and cost